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Beir Bua Journal is closed! The archive is stored on Beir Bua Press. We sometimes open for the occasional windows. Follow the press for updates and buy a book!

See Beir Bua Press for our print books

Beir (Bear) – Irish for bring

Bua (BOO-a) – Irish for Victory, talent, virtue.

A journal of avant-garde poetics founded by Moloney King and based in Co. Tipperary Ireland set up during Ireland’s first lockdown now closed. Learn about Beir Bua Press here.

About Us

An online Irish literary magazine seeking poetry and art work. Based in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. We are closed, for now. Please see Beir Bua Press for our print books. Editor is Michelle Moloney King


Beir Bua Press Publishing the very best of the experimental arts from my toddler’s playroom.

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