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Editor’s Note and Pushcart Nominations

It’s been a wild time; the talent, passion, and drive of today’s poets is marbled moondust. This issue is a sweet-spot of avant garde and heartstring poetry with a calm upperhand on delivery. All have heart, shape, and verve. Some are avant garde in nature while others grounding in the sences.

Thank you to all for submitting to Beir Bua, of course all work was sublime and worthy of a home, it was difficult to turn down work. Sometimes it was a matter of style, formatt or bad timing. Once we decided on our first poem we went from there.

And how much can we grasp at the Pushcart nominations? Ye all deserved a nomination in this issue but we only had six nomination slots. This was a hard decision and one that was driven by coffee, meeting with mentors, and starlight. We always have next year and let’s not forget there are many more nominations in the coming year for other poetry prizes.

Now is time to get back to the work of unearting, reading, dusting off, and having mad fun. Read issue one here.

Next issue subs to open early 2021, keep eye out on site.

Take care

EIC – Michelle Moloney King

Beir Bua’s Pushcart Nominations 2021

Shawn Berman

Dr. Arthur Broomfield

Helen Bowie

Karen S. Moore

Andi Talbot

Anthony R.Salandy


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