Forecast by Helen Bowie

(Beir Bua’s Pushcart Nominations 2021)

WordPress has it’s limits with formatting so above is an image of this poem and below is a website taking over and telling you how it sees the poem!

An abstract radio play
Tell me a controversial opinion
Fair isle
Like income thresholds to vote
Unsolicited confessions
Falling slowly
Contempt for my suffrage
Veering south
Human rights in abstraction
Squally showers
Floating away
Thundery showers
Occasionally moderate
I stayed
Gale force 8
Until morning
Now rising
But never returned

Author Bio:

Helen Bowie is a London based performer, podcaster and poet with bafflingly strong feelings on trivial matters. Helen’s work has recently featured in Neuro Logical Literary Magazine and the Unpublishable Zine and podcast. She has written and performed work for the Camden Fringe, Wilderness Festival and Vagina Museum, among others. Her twitter is Helen Bowie.

Read the rest of issue one here.

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