Hi, I’m Michelle Moloney King here with some information about Beir Bua Journal and about me. This page is to ensure your work is in safe hands and to shed light on what Beir Bua stands for and what we look for in submissions.

See our Youtube channel and podcast to hear chats on avant-garde, journals, poetry, and cool stuff, I guess.

What Beir Bua looks for in submisions:

Avant-garde: neo-postmodern poetry, experimental, like all the way to the left of experimental, asemic poetry, visual poetry, concert poetry, some surreal poetry and abstract art. Different but not weird. Informed decision on the page. A snort of erupting laughter behind words. Smart but no attachment. Preferably no ‘I’ or no narrative. Please read the editor’s letter, Michelle Moloney king, for a better insight. Editor interviews: Six Questions, Trish Hopkinson q&a, Duotrope listing, Poetry Ireland, Visual Artists Ireland, Irish Times,

About Beir Bua’s Editor

Michelle Moloney King is the publishing editor of Beir Bua Press, a postmodern poet, asemic poet, and experimental non-fiction writer and editor living in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, with her husband, Richie, small son, Dylan and two dogs, Kadia and Charlie. She has been nominated for a Pushcart in poetry and published in many journals for poetry and asemic – visual poems. Read more here.

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