Beir Bua Press

Beir Bua Press

After the success of Beir Bua journal setting up a press felt like the next logical step.

Beir Bua Press will be publishing experimental poetry pamphlets., collections and essay collections on theory, cool conference papers, plays…innovation for the current post-avant.

Michelle Moloney King

What Beir Bua Press Publishes

Avant-garde Poetry

True, we do search for avant-garde poetry and experimental. But not all the time…as if we just stick to that then avant-garde becomes a genre and not a way of being forward leading. Read editor’s, Michelle Moloney King, view on the avant-garde here and follow along on social to get a feel of what we are about – Irish, edgy, existential and growing.


Yes, visual poetry but we also need word poems to add balance.


Being a writer of avant-garde writer of poetic conceptualism I see the poetic potential in all forms; poem objects, doodles, turns of phrase, meditation….I know this quality when I feel it and I try to champion that.

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