subs open soon-ish…subscribe and follow BB on Twitter for more info. Will be only accepting neo-postmodern vibe, looping – racing ahead yet circling back, playing with the signifier and signified, surreal – absurd. Poems 40 lines of less with normal formatting. Think James Tate, Ruth Stone, John Ashbery, Laurence Sterne, Allen Ginsberg, Samuel Beckett, Bernadette Mayer, Anne Carson, Bianca Stone

Thank you for supporting Beir Bua, Michelle Moloney King, editor. (AND FROM THE CO-ED LAURENCE STERNE)

We nominate for Pushcart Prize, Forward Prize and Best of The Net.



  • Poets can sub up to 3 poems only.
  • Please wait a year before subbing again if rejected or accepted.
  • Word poems as Google doc, word. The shorter the better.
  • Any unusual formatting word poems must be in format of jpeg
  • Vispo must be in jpeg format
  • Audio poems must be uploaded to (need them as video format and not audio)
  • Bio in the body of an email – shorter is better.
  • In bio provide your links and your twitter username (if you have one
  • Please don’t mention your age!! – unless you’re over 100


  • All submitters will hear back in a minimum of 3 weeks to a max of 6 weeks.
  • Accepted poems will be published on the site.
  • If you provide your twitter username I aim to tag you in your release.

Another NOTE:

  • Please link back to this site if you’re published from your own site.
  • This is an unfunded journal so no payment for publication.
  • Copyright remains with the poet – always and forever.
  • No simultaneous subs.
  • Not accepting previous published in journal, social media or anthology either online or print.

Exciting times and thanks for considering subbing your work to BB, Michelle

subs now closed. Follow subscribe to learn of next open date.

emails querying information that has been answered above will be deleted.

‘Poetry is the copper sword in the Pond of Dada’s garden as Laurence Sterne gave birth to Shandy in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary and the stars took arms and shouted – IRELAND IS THE HOME OF THE EXPERIMENTAL.’

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