Subs are closed until early 2022. Follow us on social media to be the first to learn when we open again. Subs are still open for the Laurence Stern Prize.

We want EXPERIMENTAL, cool, vanguard. Think glitched, spoken word, think Richard Capener, Claire Kieffer or Charles Putschkin This is a female run journal. Love a bit of Ailbhe Darcy, Afric McGlinchey, Ruth Stone, Bernadette Mayer, Anne Carson, Bianca Stone, Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, John Ashbery, Laurence Sterne, James Tate, Allen Ginsberg… and so many more. Interested in conceptual poetics of new language, women’s issues, motherhood, slanted unreality, polarity and plurality of time, religion, Ireland’s history. Would love more Irish women experimental poets. Read the journal to see the house style.

  • Poems 40 lines or less with NORMAL formatting preferred.
  • ANY poem with any unusual formatting…send as jpeg only.
  • Lyrical poetry with heavy experimental basis welcome also.
  • Visual poetry, asemic, poem brut – send as jpeg.
  • Audio poetry send via email
  • Video send via email as video file
  • Audio and video will be uploaded to youtube and the journal
  • email to BeirBuaJournal at gmail dot com
  • Poets can sub up to 3 poems only in one category.
  • Simultaneous subs accepted, email if accepted elsewhere.
  • Please wait 6 months before subbing again if rejected or accepted.
  • Bio in the body of an email – shorter is better.
  • Response time SIX WEEKS – to be included in Beir Bua Journal – online.
    • please note:
  • Accepted subs will be published in the online journal and then may be considered for a print anthology from Beir Bua Press – if accepted you’ll be asked for permission.
  • Printed anthology is to raise money for upkeep of journal and the press and will not be remunerated at this time. All money raised to running costs.

Subbing is Free but we do offer expediated response times;

2 day response for €4 – send to below PayPal, when emailing sub send screenshot of receipt. With SUBMISSIONS EUR 4 in subject of your sub email.

7 day response for 11 with 100 word feedback. Send to below PayPal, when emailing sub send screenshot of receipt. With SUBMISSIONS EUR 11 in subject of your sub email.

  • Subbing is free but if you want to hear back within days and or with feedback then there is an option to give money so send a screenshot of your payment receipt if you do choose this option along with your sub.
  • Sub to Michelle Moloney King (email deleted as subs are closed until 2022)
  • Keep bios short, include your twitter name.
  • No edits to bios or poems after you sub.
  • All money goes into the running of this journal and the Press.

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