Submissions are now closed to the large volume of works submitted. This issue will be issued on Feb 1st.

Experimental neo-postmodern, visual poetry, poem brut, a small section of surreal, avant-garde poems and abstract art ONLY.

Our dates for submissions:
Winter: 15th December to 15th January for February issue.
Autumn: 15th August to 15 September for October issue.

We nominate for Pushcart and Forward Prize and Best of The Net.

We are an inclusive journal and open to all avant-garde poets and artists, we especially wish to publish women identifying and minority groups.

Must be over 18 to submit.

Please allow up 4 weeks for response, probably less.

Art Subs

Please submit in jpeg or png image with bio, artist statement and a small description of your work. You can submit up to 3 pieces.


If you were published in the journal before then please wait 9 months before submitting again, unless invited by the editor.

No simultaneous submissions.

You may submit up to two poems, max 40 lines each.

This is a feminist press so please keep it about the poetry and not the male gaze or your bodily functions, unless you are a woman or identify as a woman- then you go girl!

Please have your poems on two separate word documents or pdfs and your author bio in body of the email as we read subs blind.

Author bio – written in third person – no more than 50 words, only one link – preferably to your website.

No edits – After you have sent your submission: edits to your work is not possible. So send it in as you’d like it to be published, thank you.

Visual Poetry – unusual formatting

If your poem is a visual poem with unusual formatting please send all 3 items:

(1.) in regular formatting in as word or pdf,

(2.) In your desired formatting as pdf

(3.) and also as a jpeg with your special formatting as the regular format will be published along with the image of desired formatting.


All publishing rights revert to the author upon publication. We ask that if your piece is subsequently published elsewhere, you credit us for first publication. Work must not be published in other journals, blogs, or social media.

Please write Poetry Sub / Art Sub / Visual Poetry in email subject –

Please keep note of all details of publication dates.

We wish you luck and courage.

Email address deleted as subs now closed. They will reopen August 15th 2021.

Editor of this feminist journal is Michelle Moloney King, please address email to Michelle with SUBMISSIONS in subject line.

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