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a concrete poem, ‘Companion’ – Sacha Archer

Sacha Archer lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife and two daughters. Most recently he has published Mother’s Milk (Timglaset) which was chosen by CBC as one of the best books of poetry of 2020. His work has recently been included in the anthologies Watch Your Head (Coach House Books, 2020) and Writing Utopia 2020 (Hesterglock, 2020). His book Jung Origami is forthcoming fromContinue reading “a concrete poem, ‘Companion’ – Sacha Archer”

Blowout by Charles J. March III

Charles J. March III is a neurodivergent Navy hospital corpsman veteran currently living in California. His work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Evergreen Review, 3:AM Magazine, M58, Alien Buddha, Cephalopress, RIC Journal, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, talking about strawberries all of the time, Taco Bell Quarterly, outer, GAMMM, BlazeVOX, Sonic Boom, Inverted Syntax, PoetryContinue reading “Blowout by Charles J. March III”

Segment XIII (Briefly on the question of egoist intelligibility). by Sascha Engel

Exploring ancient alphabets through a letterist lens, which is one of the goals of the “Segment” series, eventually leads to the point where the letter itself is taken ad absurdum. Fortuitously, I reached that stage just as I turned back to re-reading some egoist and individualist anarchist literature, which has led to this meditation onContinue reading “Segment XIII (Briefly on the question of egoist intelligibility). by Sascha Engel”

Censored by Robin McNamara

Robin McNamara is an Irish poet from Waterford City. He has over 148 poems published worldwide in America, Canada, Ireland and in the UK with Beir Bua Journal, Dreich, Versification, Pink Plastic House, Daily Drunk, Full House Literary Magazine, Dream Journal, Second Chance Lit, Literary Heist, & Dwelling Literary.Robin’s debut chapbook Under A Mind’s Staircase is publishedContinue reading “Censored by Robin McNamara”

Forecast by Helen Bowie

(Beir Bua’s Pushcart Nominations 2021) Forecast 0048An abstract radio play SoleTell me a controversial opinion Fair isleLike income thresholds to vote ForthUnsolicited confessions Falling slowlyContempt for my suffrage Veering southHuman rights in abstraction Squally showersFloating away Thundery showersControversially Occasionally moderateI stayed Gale force 8Until morning Now risingBut never returned Good Author Bio: Helen Bowie isContinue reading “Forecast by Helen Bowie”

“Man” and His Future by Brian O’Donnell

Look at the outgoing shy manHe walks down the streetEverybody looks at himBut nobody sees himHe’s been pursued by his present chasing his pastBut the future will save him See the teetotalerInto the pub he goesSees the man with no faceGives him a cup of lonelinessIn the future there will be company I am independent!Continue reading ““Man” and His Future by Brian O’Donnell”

Rocket Launch by Kenneth Johnson

Somewhere there’s a map with photosof our facespressed against the panes of our windowsstaring out at geometric patterns generatedby algorithmsSome concerned citizens filed a lawsuit,their houses were bulldozed while theybought groceriesIf I can build a rocket, I’ll launch it into space,I’ll sell advertising and put company logos on allits visible partsAs a kid, I pushedContinue reading “Rocket Launch by Kenneth Johnson”

Walk the Alligator by Robin McNamara

Johnny boy rides the wavesof lying days and fantasy.He walks the alligatorin the mornings,while the mechanism of lies,whirr incessantly inside his head;whilst walking the alligator.Rent a friends know and show,with a tired look;‘I read you like a book.’The stories that you cook,from an overripe imagination.You tell the tales, we sail the bullshiton a daily basis.Continue reading “Walk the Alligator by Robin McNamara”

love you / leave me by Komal Keshran

more than anything else that hurts, my ankles. running through a city I am trying to forget is nothing easy. I wonder how many times you’ve stood right here.knowing I’ll always come home to the samethree sounds used to bring me comfort;I wish it still would – it’s hard to imagine that once upon a time  I would’ve used theContinue reading “love you / leave me by Komal Keshran”

The Disconnect by Jason de Koff

The Disconnect You never wrote,the oak tree’s name,upon the house it bore.Instead you placed,your name and number,above the open stoop. The soil you scraped,to build your life,was sold to another zip code.To bring bounty to,another scarred surface,exporting hard won gold. The grass in front,was exactly the color,you ordered from the store.Though I never,saw a singleContinue reading “The Disconnect by Jason de Koff”


(Beir Bua’s Pushcart Nominations 2021) because i’m way too old to be changing my filthy habits at this point sweetie and i’ve tried several times to stop calling movies films since i know it sounds pretentious as heck when we’re out with friends just casually talking about stuff and i go on a 20 minuteContinue reading “I’M ALL ABOUT THAT GTL LIFE: GYM TAN LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM by Shawn Berman”

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